Lord Hanuman Hanuman, Hanuman Wallpapers

Hanuman was the son of Anjana and Keshri. Lord Hanuman is known by many names like Anajni Putra, Snaktmochan, Bajarangbakli, Pawan Putra, Murti Nandan and Keshri Nandan. Hanuman is a very powerful God as per hindu mythology. Hanuman participated in Rama’s war against the devil king Ravan. He is also considered the son of Vayu who according to several traditions played a role in his birth. Hanuman is known by different 108 names. Lord Hanuman is prime devotional figure holy throughout in the world. Many websites provides wallpapers and images of Hanuman to set as wallpaper or worship purposes.

Hanuman Wallpapers:

It is believed that Lord Hanuman always thinks of his devotees as a family member. Everyone in this family is considered equal. The powerful god makes no difference or prejudice.

You have found the Hindu Lord Hanuman Wallpapers for your computer Desktop, mobile Phone and laptops. You can download free wallpaper for your desktop or laptop or tablet. Some of these wallpapers are available in high resolutions. Hanuman HD wallpapers is part of the Lord Hanuman collection. You can find a wallpaper to express our feeling or mood. The exclusive Full Screen Wallpapers for Desktop are in resolution of 1024 x 768. Make your desktop as Hanuman Wallpaper and receive Hanuman blessings for you and all of your family.

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