Lord Balaji – World Famous Balaji Temple of India

By HANU_BHAKT | Published: OCTOBER 7, 2011 Lord Balaji temple is a world famous temple situated at Chittoor, which is a district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple has a truly amazing architecture of Dravidian style with many idols of legends and the idol of Lord Balaji is quite breathtaking. Lord Balaji Temple at Chittoor: It is the most visited … Read more

Distance between Ahmedabad to Sarangpur Hanuman Temple – Sarangpur Hanuman To Ahmedabad

By HANU_BHAKT | Published: MARCH 26, 2013 Distance from Ahmedabad to Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is 160 Kms (99.00 miles). Interesting things about Sarangpur Hanuman: Sarangpur hanuman – Image Credit www.bhujmandir.org Lord Hanumanji is worshiped vary widely in India by all the castes & Communities as he is considered the god for all the human beings. Hanumanji statue shall always kept in … Read more